In the far future, pilot Jimi Baboza is hired by the Helios Corporation to mine asteroids out in space. The job starts off great but an incident during his mandatory training takes Jimi off on an galaxy wide adventure that will make him wish he had stayed on Earth.

The game features thirty levels of sci-fi action. Each one filled with enemies and you are must make choices on how best to approach each situation. Some areas will require some finesse while others are best handled with an itchy trigger finger. Getting a good time will require not only skill but the ability to think on your feet and adapt.

Most levels offer alternative routes which may get you to your objective quicker or just slow you down. Sometimes, you will have to decide whether to keep blasting enemies for score or high tail it out of there without anything seeing you. These choices give each level a high degree of replayability with the nagging feeling that the next time you play you could do better.

You can even boost your score by mining rocks, but beware, some contain enemies and will cost you time. The game has groups of enemies who will attack you as a team and you must prioritise targets to avoid becoming overwhelmed. For instance, one enemy in a group may make the others faster and stronger while it is active. It is better to deal with that one first, but first you must spot it among the horde and figure out how to get to it.